CrossFit Crossroads Box Rules

CrossFit Crossroads Box Rules


  1. Turn Up! – Sign up for class.  Show up.  Be on time.  Practice technique, strive to perfect every movement and be consistent.  Listen to your coaches and learn new skills.  ALWAYS record your scores on the webpage.  Tacking is the best way to see your progress.

  2. Leave your ego at the door – CrossFit is hard. Too much ego will eventually result in it being smacked down and no one wants that.  Strive for progression and you’ll always be better than you were before.

  3. Introduce yourself – People you do not recognize are probably new and nervous.  Remember what that felt like?  Help them feel welcome, they are now part of the family.

  4. Support your fellow members – CrossFit is community driven.  The first to finish may set the time to beat, but the last to finish gets the loudest cheers and the most support.  There will be days you are both, respect it, act accordingly, and give your fellow members some love!

  5. Trust the Process – This is a journey not a destination.  Where you are now is only the beginning.  Show up everyday, even if it’s a WOD you don’t like.  What we do may seem random, but it always serves a specific purpose.  Get here, do the work and goals will be smashed.

  6. Let the Coaches coach – We have experienced coaches.  It’s our job to know what we are doing and what you and your fellow members need for success.  It is our job to inform, instruct and coach technique.  Support each other and cheer each other on, but leave the technical stuff to us.

  7. Take care of the gear – Treat the gear like it’s yours, it’s expensive so please don’t drop kettlebells or empty barbells.  Keep the chalk in the bucket and only use what you need.  Wipe down bars so we all stay healthy.

  8. Help each other clean up – Keeping the box clean keeps us all happy.  Once everyone has finished with a WOD put your gear away, but wait until you are finished cheering your fellow members.

  9. Take care of yourself – This goes with checking your ego.  Listen to your coaches and minimize risk of injury. ALWAYS follow: technique-consistency-intensity.  If tweeks and geeks do occur, tell us.  Do your mobility work and continue getting better.

  10. Eat well – You can’t outwork bad eating habits.  Eat lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

  11.  Have Fun – We take our training seriously, but community is what drives us.  What’s community without fun?  Bring positivity, jokes, and laughs, it lifts everybody up.  This stuff is hard, let’s enjoy the journey together.

  12.  Tell your friends!!! – This community grows because you tell people!  The people around you see your progress (a.k.a. gains) and are dying to ask and even join you, but are often scared to say something.  Be kind and invite them to drop in with you.