Coaching Internships

Our coaches at CrossFit Crossroads are not just coaches, they're coaches of coaches.  We pride ourselves on doing things well and teaching others how to teach others.  We believe that if we can groom better coaches everyone benefits.

If you are interested in our Coaching Internship Program please email Coach B ( with the following information:

1) Resume

2) Letter of Intent (LOI) – The LOI should include personal mission statement as it applies to being or becoming a coach or trainer, personal story of what brought the applicant to the decision of becoming a coach, and personal philosophy as it applies to training as an individual as well as how it influences how the applicant would train others.

Some of what you can expect to do/learn are as follows:

Shadowing and Study

Coaching of Basic Movements

Performing New Client Assessments

Coaching of Advanced Movements

Movement Fault Identification and Correction

Small/Partial Class Instruction

Individual Member Improvement Programming

Whole/Large Class Instruction

Assist in Box Programming

Independent Box Programming

Personal Training Development

Nutritional Coaching Guidence

Fitness Marketing

Fitness as a Business