The 5 Stars of Health: Eat

We get it.  We know you know that you need to eat the right foods in the right amounts and exercise to be fit.  But what about overall health?  Is it just those 2 things or is there more to it?

What we’ve discovered over the past 7 years is that total, complete health is far more than just eat right and exercise.  What we’ve found is that there are 5 key factors to living a complete and totally healthy life.

We call them The 5 Stars of Health.  They are:

1) Eat (the right foods in the right amounts)
2) Train (hard and smart 5-6 days per week)
3) Sleep (optimized rest for the right amount of time)
4) Think (focused, positive thoughts and action)
5) Connect (with other people)

Today, we go over eat.  It seems like we just went over all of this, but here’s the overview: Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar.  Eat it in the right amounts, which means enough to support exercise and an active lifestyle, but not body fat.  It lays the foundation for so many things.  If you eat well, you sleep well.  You’re in a better mood. You train better.  You recover better.  You think clearer.  Everything just gets better.

Still lost?  You can even check out our Instagram post that has a handy guide to portion control.

What we would add to that is something we’ve never really mentioned: limit (seriously limit) your alcohol.  Alcohol does all kinds of damage to your metabolism and despite what the media would have you believe about the “health benefits” of alcohol, the detriments FAR outweigh any potential “benefits”.

Nutrition plays such a large role in so many aspects of life, it’s where we have most people start.  Clean up your food, then we start hitting the workouts hard.  So, take time to really dial in your nutrition aka control the food you put in your body with precision.

What to know more specifics about our nutrition prescription?  Can’t wait for the next 4?  Set and appointment with Coach B and he can help get up to speed and on a track to win in each of the 5 areas.

Have a great week!