The 5 Stars of Complete Health

We get it.  We know you know that you need to eat the right foods in the right amounts and exercise to be fit.  But what about overall health?  Is it just those 2 things or is there more to it?

What we’ve discovered over the past 7 years is that total, complete health is far more than just eat right and exercise.  What we’ve found is that there 5 key factors to living a complete and totally healthy life.

We call them The 5 Stars of Health.  They are:

1) Eat (the right foods in the right amounts)
2) Train (hard and smart 5-6 days per week)
3) Sleep (optimized rest for the right amount of time)
4) Think (focused, positive thoughts and action)
5) Connect (with other people)

What do each of them mean? Well, over the next 5 weeks we’re going to break each one down.  We’ll talk about why each is important AND how to optimize each one.

Why these 5?  Because as we’ve trained hundreds of folks, we have found that if one of these is lacking, health and fitness goals becomes difficult to reach and maintain.  They each play an important role in overall health, wellness, and ultimately fitness.  We have seen people crush 3 or 4 of the 5 but because they are REALLY (or sometime just a little) missing in 1 or 2 areas, they get stuck and can’t seem to make any progress.

So, between now and next week you have homework.  Keep track of these 5 the best you can and play a fun game.  Give yourself a score on a 1-10 scale in each.  How are you doing?  Where is your biggest hole?  Let’s learn about it and begin working on making it better.

Can’t wait for the next 5 weeks?  Set and appointment with Coach B and he can help get up to speed and on a track to win in each of the 5 areas.

Have a great week!