Top 5 Ways You’re Killing Your Progress

When it comes to weight loss and fitness, do you ever feel…stuck. You feel like you’re doing all the right things but you just can’t seem to make any headway.  Here are the top 5 reasons why we have found that happens:

1) Giving yourself too many cheat days

Having a cheat day here and there is fine.  But when a cheat day turns into cheat weekend…every weekend, it becomes a problem.  We suggest an 80/20 or 90/10 approach.  80-90% of the time you need to stay on your clean eating schedule.  that gives you 10-20% flex time.  Here’s the easy math; if you eat 3 times a day that’s 35 meals a week.  Which means you get 3-6 meals per week that can be lax.  BUT don’t go crazy.  If you’re finding yourself losing control, it may be a sign of some emotional ties to food that NEED to be addressed.

2) Training recklessly, using random workouts, and pushing past your limits

We’re all about testing to see what we’re made of, but you have to train smart if you’re going to train consistent.  Why?  Because consistency is what is going to move the needle and if you hurt yourself training, consistency goes out the window.  So, push yourself, but be smart and if you feel like you want to go harder but aren’t sure how to safely, hire a coach.

3) Quitting when you don’t see instant results

So you haven’t lost any weight yet.  The inches don’t seem like there coming off.  It feels like it’s taking forever!!!  Here’s what we tell our clients: you owe it to yourself to stick with a healthy lifestyle AT LEAST as long as you had an unhealthy one.  So you’ve been living unhealthy for the past 10 years?  From the day you start, you now have 10 years of actively and consistently choosing healthy living ahead of you.  Not saying that it’s going to take that long, but it’s only fair to give yourself at least that much effort.

4) Drinking too many calories

Liquid calories are too sneaky.  Oh, you drank a Michelob Ultra?  Or Skinny Bitch Wine?  Or a skinny marg?  Still liquid calories that add up WAY too quick.  You add that to the fact that alcohol slows your ability to burn calories and it compounds.  And let’s be honest, liquid calories are almost always accompanied by unhealthy other calories (aka bar food or the late night Taco Bell run).

Not to mention all the shakes, smoothies, frappes, lattes, Monsters, RockStars, and all the other calorie laden drinks we consume.  If you do eat 3 times per day and you’re eating about 2000 calories a day (goofy, but a discussion for another day) that means you should eat about 650 calories at each meal.  Many of those drinks contain 300 or more calories…so almost half of your calories from liquid.  And now you don’t “feel” full so you gorge.

See.  Liquid calories are too sneaky.  Make it stop!

5) Starving yourself trying to diet

This one is so rampant we can’t stand it.  To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you eat, true.  But you can over-do it.  You should be looking to eat about 10-20% less calories than normal to lose weight.  Most folks end up somewhere around 40-50%.  Not good.  Why?  Because you’re body will respond in ways that actually make you feel worse and gain weight anyway.  Also, it makes you more likely to crack and binge one night (there’s that Taco Bell run again), and it makes you want to quit before you really get going.

Are any of these a struggle for you?  Chat with one of our Coaches and we can help you build strategies to get you over the hump.

Have a great week!