The Nutrition Gospel Part 4: Quantifiers and Carbs…

Part 4 of the Nutrition Gospel now gets into specific control over something.  This week, Coach B and his break down of the initial part of the most important 100 words in fitness titled “World Class Fitness in 100 Words” will talk about specific types of carbs.  In case you forgot, here is the phrase we are studying…

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

After chatting about the first part of this directive last week, here’s what Coach has to say about the next part: Eat… some fruit, little starch.


If you’ll notice, the first portion of the statement had no quantifiers, just eat meat, veggies, nuts, & seeds. They are harder to overeat than are other types of food and our natural response to stop eating these foods kicks in quicker. 

Fruit and starches though, need to be controlled.  Not vilified or excluded, just controlled.  But why?

Because these are denser, more quickly absorbed calories from carbohydrates and it’s easy to over eat them.  Although weight and fat control is ultimately about calorie control (we’ll talk about that later) over eating carbs causes a huge insulin (a VERY necessary hormone) response.  That is dangerous because hyperinsulinemia (constantly elevated insulin) can cause a lack of sensitivity to it (meaning it will stop doing it’s job and lead to Type 2 Diabetes) and systemic inflammation that keeps us sick and fat.  We’ll really dive into all of that next time.

Fruit and starches (potatoes, rice, beans, squashes) are a part of balancing energy and hormone response, but we just need to pay more attention to how much we eat of these foods.  Diets that say these foods alone make you fat are wrong.  Diets that eliminate whole, natural foods as the bad guy are wrong (i.e. don’t eat fruit, it has sugar, it’s bad for you!).  So go eat your strawberries and your baked potatoes.  They aren’t (solely) responsible for your weight gain.  Just be smart about how much you eat of these things.

Now, finding the balance in something like this can be confusing and difficult.  When it comes to nutrition there is a sea of information out there that often feels impossible to sift thru. It doesn’t have to be.  If you’re ready to come out of the fog and finally have success with your diet, it’s time to Chat with a Coach.  We do offer JUST nutrition coaching so if you’re happy with your gym, keep going!  Let us help you with your food choices.

Have a great week!